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Hinges BHinges BHinges B
Hinges BHinges BHinges B
Hinges B  

Matho Models 35030 Hinges B

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Product Details
Schaal: 1:35
Artikelcode: 35030
Fabrikant: Matho Models
Toegevoegd op: dinsdag, 08 december 2015
Product Beschrijving

Contains 1 photo-etch fret with 40 hinges in total:

  • 17 small hinges
  • 9 medium single angled hinges
  • 9 medium double angled hinges
  • 5 large ornamental hinges

Each hinge contains 2 sections that can be bent in both directions relative to each other, to suit every possible need. Use a photo-etch bending tool for best results.

How to use and paint:

  • Leave the hinges in the fret while painting and weathering. 
  • First airbrush a layer of enemal paint such as Humbrol, and let it dry for 24 hours. After that you can continue with your regular (acrylic or enamel) colors and weathering products. The enamel layer is much harder then acrylic primer and it will be less likely to scratch off the paint while handling and placing the hinges. You can add a second enemal layer after 24 hours if you need even more protection.
  • Always be very gentle in the following steps when handling the hinges to prevent the paint from scratching.
  • Place the fret on a hard (for exemple wood or glass) surface, and cut out the hinges from the fret with a fresh knife. 
  • Use a micro file to clean up any residue of the fret. If cut well you will not need to use a file on straight edges.
  • Now take out the photo-etch bending tool and angle the hinges to suit your needs.
  • Use a tweezers (be very gentle to avoid paint scratches!) to glue them to place. 
  • Some parts will now need some extra painting to restore the damaging caused when cutting from the fret or when handling afterwards. Use a brush with very fine tip with your main color to touch up the parts where you can still see the PE brass color shining through.

Doors and windows not included.

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