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Shopping Bags - fashion brandsShopping Bags - fashion brandsShopping Bags - fashion brands
Shopping Bags - fashion brandsShopping Bags - fashion brandsShopping Bags - fashion brands

Matho Models 35115 Shopping Bags - fashion brands

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Product Details
Schaal: 1:35
Artikelcode: 35115
Fabrikant: Matho Models
Toegevoegd op: vrijdag, 29 april 2022
Product Beschrijving

Set contains a 32 shopping bags from 6 popular luxuary fashion brands. Each design has multiple copies available in different sizes. 3 strands of nylon are included to make cord-like handles.


Brands included:

  • Chanel (with black handles)
  • Christian Dior (with white handles)
  • Louis Vuitton (with blue handles)
  • Prada (with white handles)
  • Yves Saint Laurent (with black handles)
  • Versace (with black handles)



  • high-def print on thin coated paper
  • detailed vector design
  • silk finish


How to use:

  • start by cutting out the bag from the paper (see tips below)
  • cut 2 pieces (2 cm length) from the nylon cord
  • then use a scriber and mark the holes where you can fit the handles (the correct position is indicated by a small dot) 
  • after that you can slightly go over the folding lines with an old knife and pre-fold everything (do not glue it yet)
  • now put the handles through the prepared holes, then fold and glue the top flaps inwards, securing the handles
  • then glue the 2 small botton-side flaps
  • finally close the bag by glueing the remaining flaps. After drying you can add a small fold to the sides of the bag to close the top of the bag, giving it a more realistic standing position. Also here, it helps if you score over the fold with an old knife before folding. 



  • Cut out with a really sharp (preferable new) knife and steel ruler
  • Be sure to cut out the thick white or black lines between the top and bottom flaps as well, it will allow you for a better assembly with cleaner end-result.
    After cutting the entire outline of the bag, give 1 cut to the left of the thick line, and 1 cut to the right, then use the tip of your knife and press it where the line is still attached to the box, and swipe the knife sidewards to remove the piece
  • For easier folding, it is recommended that you use a knife + steel ruler to very gently move over the folding lines. Be sure NOT to press too hard as these lines should not be cut. This will result in nice and sharp folds.
  • For colored or black bags you can slightly paint the edges in the appropriate color (once you are finished with gluing the bag together) to remove the white paper color


Note: copyright markings are not present on the actual product.

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